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What if you never had to fear losing money ever again? If you went to a casino whose rules allowed you to keep half of all winnings but never lose any money, would you take those odds? Doesn’t even sound like gambling, does it?

NestEggFriend, we at the Nestegg Repairman are excited to share with you a new kind of nestegg—we only say “new” because it’s the best kept secret of financial planning. This secret is found in two equally beautiful options, the Fixed Index Annuity and Indexed Universal Life Insurance.

Fixed Index Annuities offer veteran investors the opportunity to reallocate previously invested money into accounts that have penalty-free withdrawal, tax-deferred growth, the option for a guaranteed lifetime income, and 100% safety against any and all stock market declines.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance has numerous benefits. First and foremost, for only pennies a day, the policy holder can ensure financial peace for family in the event of premature passing. Next, the policy acts as a personal tax-free savings account. You can withdraw money from the account up to the amount of premiums you’ve paid into it. Since this option travels through the S&P 500 Index in the vehicle of a life insurance policy, you are protected from all market losses. The stock market drops 43% this year? You lose nothing. The market rises 19% next year? While most policies have a growth cap (say, 14% max per year), everything you do earn, you keep. Imagine that. Never losing any money you put into the policy nor any of the profits you’ve attained.

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