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At the Nestegg Repairman, we are prepared to serve you and your family in three areas: retirement planning, health insurance planning, and long-term care planning.

Start Saving Young, and You'll Reap the Rewards!

Start Saving Young, and You’ll Reap the Rewards!

Retirement Planning: Ready for a retirement miracle? Ready to secure your future prosperity through 100% risk-free options that never lose money? The Nestegg Repairman has two game plans in place to make that happen. For folks looking to salvage investment portfolios that took a hit in the recent financial crisis and get the ball of compound interest rolling again in today’s low-interest environment, we present the Fixed Index Annuity. Through an S&P 500 Index or other index account, we can turn your lump-sum investment into a golden egg to live off of in your retirement years. For new investors wanting to start saving the right way and avoid common pitfalls, we present Indexed Universal Life Insurance. With a customized life insurance policy travelling in the vehicle of an S&P 500 Index account, you can stock a few dollars away at a time and see your investment grow, grow, grow—without ever experiencing a loss. Then in retirement, you will have a tax-free income stream! The Nestegg Repairman also provides 401(k) planning and services for alternate ways to save money.

Health Insurance Planning: Worried about the coming storm of healthcare laws? Need someone to help you navigate the rocky waters of uncertainty? We’re ready to lock you into a safe, customized, affordable health insurance policy with a host of different carriers, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant, Humana, and United Healthcare. Forget Obamacare—choose Nesteggcare! If you don’t understand it, you won’t be forced to sign it, much less accept it. That’s the beauty of our Financial Mr. Fix-It system.

Long-Term Care Planning: We prefer not to use traditional insurance for long-term care planning. Rather, we build customized plans that combine available resources such as annuities and life insurance to provide flexible home care/assisted living solutions for loved ones. Not only are we able to protect clients’ nest eggs, we ensure you will be able to pass on a considerable amount of your savings to your heirs. These accelerated benefits empower you to leave a legacy.

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